Wicked Wichita Brew Tour Part VI: R Coffee House 

The last coffee stop on our tour took us to another new find, R Coffee House. They are located in the quaint shopping area in Riverside at 11th and Bitting that also features the popular Songbird  Juice Co and Chiquitas Corner. 

The small shop has a laid back vibe to it. The walls were adorned with eclectic local artwork and there was plenty of seating in the old converted Victorian home.  

They serve a variety of coffee and espresso options typical to most shops. In addition they also offer simple breakfast and lunch food and sweets.  Their signature breakfast burrito sounded delicious and will not be passed up the next time I’m there. 

On our visit we ordered a couple specialty drinks. I went with an iced Almond Joy and my wife had a Mexican. The Almond Joy consisted of espresso mixed with coconut, almond, and chocolate syrups, while the Mexican had vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and almond. Both drinks were tasty while not being overly sweet.

I enjoyed the low key atmosphere of R Coffee and will certainly be back to try the food. 


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