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Da’ Cajun Shak – Wichita KS

8 Nov

I received a phone call from my dad the other night inviting Phil and I out to dinner at the Da Cajun Shak close to 21st and Woodlawn. Phil had to miss out since he was at work. Just to clarify, because apparently a couple of customers were confused, Da Cajun Shak serves Cajun food. I know the name can be misleading, but perhaps this young couple  had no idea what Cajun food was. The Mardi Gras decorations throughout the restaurant should also be a good hint. The menu includes more well known items like red beans and sausage (red beans and rice), fried shrimp, fried catfish, and  jambalaya. There are more adventurous items including gator on the menu. And of course Cajun food can be on the spicy side depending on what you order.

I decided to go with a mini platter not realizing that it came with 3 sides. So to say it was lots of food is a bit of an understatement. Phil enjoyed the leftovers. I chose the red beans and sausage and fried shrimp for my two entrees with the fried okra, french fries, and a salad for my side. My dad ordered the same thing but he got crawfish etouffe and cajun meatloaf with a salad, dirty rice, and jambalaya. My food was wonderful. The shrimp had a light amount of breading on it so you could actually taste the shrimp. The fries were actually the spiciest part of my meal due to their seasoning but they were good. And fried okra…(think of that sound that Homer Simpson makes when he sees a donut) yep that delicious.

Dad’s food was pretty darn good too especially the etouffe. It was very creamy and was supposed to have crawfish in it. I was excited to try the crawfish because I had not ever had it before. I think my dad ate most of the chunks before I stole a bite, that or crawfish has such a mild taste I didn’t notice it. The only dish we were disappointed with was the meatloaf. It was dry and just odd. When you describe a dish and use the word odd, it code for “will not be trying again”.

I looked up some information on Da’ Cajun Shak and found that it is owned by the Granger family.  There seemed to be two family members waiting on us-I would guess mom and son. The restaurant is located inside the strip mall where Felipe’s actually started out. It isn’t anything too fancy, but you get your drink in a mason jar, the food is good, and the place is clean. That makes it a top notch place people. So go to Da’ Cajun Shak (which is a huge pain to type when you teach and want to correct the spelling) “Where a taste of Louisiana comes to Wichita.”

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