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Ziggy’s Pizza

4 Feb

Over the last couple of years the Wichita pizza market has shed its humble Pizza Hut pie roots and started to offer a plethora of new options. From Sauerkraut to sunflower seeds, it’s all now available to the Wichita pizza connoisseur.

The "White Delight" was Certainly a Delight

The “White Delight” was Certainly a Delight

Ziggy’s Pizza is tucked away in Clifton Square Village on Douglas  between Hillside and Oliver. The tiny space has been a number of restaurants over the years, but it seems that after a year in business Ziggy’s has gained itself a loyal following. If you are claustrophobic or just haven’t bathed recently beware because it can get cramped inside the cozy restaurant. We visited during a WSU game and had to wait a few minutes for a table to open up. Luckily there are TVs on literally every wall, so you won’t miss a minute of the action. Outside they do have a nice shaded patio area that would be a good option when the weather allows.

The menu at Ziggy’s is fairly straightforward,

The Bacony Delight of "Meet Me at Ziggy's"

The Bacony Delight of “Meet Me at Ziggy’s”

besides pizzas they also have salads, toasted sandwiches, and generic appetizers. The only wrinkle is that the pizzas are served in one-size-fits-all rectangular form. They offer several specialty pies, plus the option to build your own. Each pizza is decent sized and could easily feed two adults. Ziggy’s also offers a small rotating list of craft beers on tap or for those that can’t handle the hard stuff there is Bud Light as well.

On our visit we ordered the White Delight and the Meet Me at Ziggy’s. The White Delight had a cream cheese base with plenty of mozzarella, green peppers, chicken, and bacon packed on top. The crust was nicely made and crispy, while the toppings all went well together. I especially liked the cream cheese layer, there was just enough to get the flavor without making the crust soggy. Meet Me at Ziggy’s is their version of the meat lovers and it came piled high with Canadian bacon, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, and some lovely crispy bacon.  The only thing the pizza was lacking was enough sauce. I would have liked a bit more sauce to balance out the heavy-duty meatiness.

All in all we both enjoyed our pizzas at Ziggy’s. They are a solid addition to the pizza scene and their local-neighborhood-joint feel is another plus.

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Picasso’s Pizzeria(Works of Art on a Doughy Canvas)

18 Apr

In the birthplace of Pizza Hut there are many places serving up pizza, but few of them sell New York Style by-the-slice(And no, Sbarro’s in the mall doesn’t count). The recently opened Picasso’s Pizzeria is changing that with their large selection of homemade by-the-slice-pizza. Located in the heart of Delano, ironically directly across Douglas from Pizza Hut, Picasso’s is doing their part to continue the oftentimes lost art of pizza making.

The Kansan: Ad Astra Per Pizza

The Great White: An Upgrade to the Cheese Pizza

The inside of the restaurant has a good pizza joint ambiance with its vintage brick walls, open floor plan, exposed ductwork, and obligatory TVs. Coupled with some solid rock’n’roll music being piped in it is a great environment to enjoy pizza. The menu at Picasso’s consists of by-the-slice and full size pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, and salads. There are several specialty pizzas(Listed as “Works of Art” on the menu) to choose from as well as an ample number of toppings for maximum pizza customization. If you are in the mood for pizza, which you should be if you are going here, ordering by-the-slice is the way to go unless you need to feed a sports team of some sort. Before you start ordering slices left and right be advised that they aren’t messing around with the size of the these slices. One or possibly two will be enough to satisfy most appetites. To further enhance your pizza experience Boulevard Wheat is offered on tap, in my opinion it is the perfect brew to go with pizza.

Steph and I were both hungry and decided to order 4 slices, much to the surprise of the cashier. We were aware of the ample size of our order, but welcomed the challenge. As for our slices we went with the Heart Attack,  Picasso,  Kansan, and Great White. Each order is made fresh, but since there were only a few other patrons on this particular day our food was out within minutes. The Heart Attack was your typical meat lovers pizza with Canadian Bacon, pepperoni, and sausage. The red sauce was very good and there was just the right amount of cheese on the slice. Next was the signature Picasso, a delicious treat that consisted of pesto, tomatoes, spinach, feta, and romano cheese. This unique flavor combination worked great on a slice of pizza. The Great White was a good twist on the boring old cheese pizza. This slice employed a garlic sauce with three different white cheeses: mozzarella, provolone, and ricotta.

The Heart Attack: Sign a DNR and Enjoy

Last but not least was the Kansan, another unique and excellent combination of red onions, sunflower seeds, blue cheese, and spinach. All four slices featured a thin crust that was crispy on the bottom yet remained chewy on top. Out of the four, the Kansan and the Picasso were our favorites. For those of you who don’t like to finish all the crust, take advantage of the honey packets on the counter because it goes great with any leftover crust pieces.

The Picasso: A Masterpiece

Unlike many other pizzas, Picasso’s maintains a good balance between crust, cheese, and toppings. You will not find pools of grease nor thick doughy crusts at this pizza parlor, just an abundance of great and unique pies. That is why I would move Picasso’s up to the top of the best pizza category into a three way tie with Il Vicino and Wichita Pizza Co.

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