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Wichita Pizza Company-Wichita KS (Home of the Taco Pizza and Other Awesome Food)

5 Feb

We were able to convince my finicky family to try out a new place this past Sunday. Phil had recently seen a review of the Wichita Pizza Company by Denise Neil in the Wichita Eagle. She gave it a high rating so we were eager to try it out. The restaurant is located at Harry and Webb in a strip mall right next door to Dairy Queen. When you walk in the door there is a large counter/bar area that opens to the kitchen and the majority of the tables are around the corner. The place is also decked out with flat screen TV’s-possibly too many. I counted 7 TVs in the small eating area we were in. The place isn’t huge but we didn’t have a hard time getting enough seats for our 12 person party. We just sat at separate tables next to each other. Before we get caught up in all the pizza talk, I must add that they also serve salads, calzones, and hoagies.

Phil and I previewed the menu beforehand and I was determined to try their Taco Pizza. We also wanted to try a traditional pepperoni. So we of course ordered one of both. Let’s start with the pepperoni. It was fantastic. Not greasy, the crust had some great flavor, plenty of pepperonis and cheese. I would rank it right up there with AJ’s and Knolla’s. As for the taco pizza, it was delicious. It  started with a base layer of refried beans, then lettuce, hamburger, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. This beautiful concoction was topped off with crushed nacho cheese Doritos. The Doritos may sound weird, but they bring a great crunch to the pizza. You have to go and try one of these! The only disappointing part was the sauce they brought out. We both were pretty sure it was a bottle of sauce from Taco Hell. And sure enough when they brought out extra “salsa” for our take home box, the salsa was in tiny little plastic packages-not Taco Bell’s though but very similar. If they would just actually use a real salsa it would make things much better. They could run around the corner to Felipe’s and grab a few gallons to go.

I asked the question if this place is better than Knolla’s and I have to say that yes it absolutely is. I hope this place will get the love it deserves and stays open. For anyone living close to Harry and Webb(or anywhere in Wichita) you now have several fantastic chain free options to choose from for dinner or lunch.

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