Mexico Cafe Delano

Cruising through Delano the other day in search of a satisfying lunch we decided to try Mexico Cafe Delano. I really like the name of this restaurant, it is self explanatory and leaves customers with no doubt as to the cuisine or location. It would be great if other restaurants would adopt this simple nomenclature, just imagine hopping into the car and heading to American Burger Cafe Rock Road or Quasi Italian Riverside. Anyway, Mexico Cafe is located in one of the old, elongated brick buildings that Delano is known for. There are about ten tables in the front, while a counter is all that separates the dining area from the kitchen and prep area. It is awkward looking, but provides for an interesting view. There is also some impressive Hispanic themed art on the walls that is for sale if you have several hundred dollars to spend.

This place is about as family as you can get, as our waitress happily pointed out. The father cooks, the mother wraps silverware and the daughter serves/cashiers/enters into strange conversations with customers. One review I read mentioned that the service can be” funny/awkward” and I think that summed up our experience nicely.  Mexico Cafe’s menu has no real surprises, just a small offering of tacos, enchiladas, burritos, tostadas, and monterreys. While we looked over our options two salsas and chips were placed on our table. Both salsas were good, especially the hot salsa. The chips on the other hand were quite salty and the not the best we have had. Steph ordered a combo platter with a taco, enchilada, and tostada. Beans and rice do not come with the combos, so we ordered a side of rice. I went with the Deluxe Burrito, how it differs from the regular burrito I cannot say.

A Wide Angle Lense Was Needed to Get This “Deluxe” Burrito

Both of us enjoyed our meals at Mexico Cafe. The taco, served in a fried flour tortilla was good while the enchilada, smothered in meat sauce and cheese was the highlight. We both liked the side of rice, unlike some rice you get, it did not taste like it had been sitting around for several hours. My Deluxe Burrito was certainly deluxe in proportion. It took up the entire plate and was rather imposing covered with a healthy portion of meat sauce and cheese. Inside was ever so tender pork along with chili beans and sauce.  While I typically like some veggies with my burrito, I thought this all meat and bean extravaganza was great.

Mexico Cafe, like many other small Mexican restaurants in Wichita, offers decent food at a reasonable price. While we were not totally blown away with their offerings, it was still a good meal. If you like supporting a real family operation this is definitely an excellent option.
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