Buster’s Burger Joint

On the dive restaurant scale Buster’s Burger Joint is a solid 8. The only things holding it back from a perfect 10 are the fact they have a printed menu and the lack of a community chip bowl(yeah that’s a thing here). Nonetheless Buster’s is a glorious dive place that serves solid hamburgers and fries.

All You Need To Know
All You Need To Know

Upon pulling up to Buster’s you are greeted with their mission statement, “It Ain’t Healthy, But It Sure Tastes Good!”, and they do their best to live up to it. Inside you are greeted with an open view of the “kitchen” allowing complete transparency as your burger is grilled on the flat top. The dining area consists of just a few seats, so carryout is your best bet.  The menu is simple, as it should be. If you are looking for anything besides a hamburger or a hot dog go elsewhere.

Basic Burger and Tots

We went with a couple of cheeseburger meals and a hotdogwich meal. Included in each meal are fries or tots and a drink. The drinks are self-serve and by that I mean you pick out your warm can of pop from several random selections, then you grab a cup and scoop some ice out of a small cooler. As we waited for our order I took in the decor which consisted of a random collection of Yankee, WSU, Cowboys and other sports memorabilia. There were also several grease stained paper plates adorning the wall in what was a shrine to some of those who had successfully defeated something called the Quad Burger.
The basic cheeseburger was all I had hoped it would be. An acceptably greasy patty, mustard, ketchup, pickles, and a grilled sesame bun. The patty was thinner that what I typically like, but better than most basic meat disks you will find out there. Overall it was a well executed “diner style” burger and one of the better ones in town. The fries were so good they nearly overshadowed the

Dogwich with Epic Fries
Dogwich with Epic Fries

burger. These were legit hand cut, skin-on,  fries that were crisp on the outside with just the right amount of chewiness. With some salt and ketchup they were pretty spectacular. These type of fries are a lost art that most places shy away from for convenience, but these guys don’t mind the extra work. Our son’s dogwich was a couple hot dogs that had been split and grilled, then placed on a bun. It was enough to put a 4 year old in their happy place.

Buster’s is a place you will leave smelling like greasy burgers and fries, but it will be a badge of honor, and those that are fortunate enough to get a whiff will know that you have had a much better lunch than they.


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